Through My Window


April 5, 2011 by Employee of the Fukin Month

In my cell I sit and wait,

Tormented by prophetic tales, sorrowed down with grief & shredded with broken memories.

I once was, but never will be, at the top of my heaven.

Standing on a so very well crafted pedestal,

I now know I can no longer reach.

I swallowed all of my emotion, hidden and forgotten love.

There seems to be no will left now, just rage that leads me on.

I shall begin my journey, I shall move on past those iron bars.

I can begin to see ahead, I see a future so clear and clean.

I once was, but never will be, at the top of my heaven.

I can and shall move on past my iron bars.


All Rights Reserved and Protected By (C) Miks Poems 2011

12 thoughts on “Through My Window

  1. Dunstan says:

    Powerful and melancholic

    • Miki says:

      Thank you Duncan! I tend to enjoy the melancholic words and ryhmes over the “happy” ones. More to write with I suppose.

  2. So sadly beautiful. Nicely done. Very moving.

    • Miki says:

      Isn’t it weird to when you find beauty in sadness? Irony has a way keeping the world round! Thank you!

  3. Jingle says:

    very moving….

    Happy Potluck!

  4. Bodhirose says:

    Very powerful and poignant, Miki. Starting out with such despair and a feeling of being trapped but ending with the determination to move past and through.

  5. Beautiful 🙂 I like that the past is acknowledged and an awareness is there that while it won’t be easy to get past, there’s still enough strength, the power in rage, to get out somehow.

  6. ~L says:

    This is excellent! Really! I loved it…. Very powerful!

  7. I love the repeated line. Beautiful poem Miki I love the depth and melancholia

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