Strike The Drum


June 1, 2011 by Employee of the Fukin Month

Etched between past, present and future.

Moments that have been clumsily threaded together, like light through an aperture.

At one time it was clear, but weeds now show.

Contained at a halt, a stance that will never outgrow.

If forever is what you need than forever is what I’ll give.

So long as I don’t have to repeat what I have already lived.

Warmth and adventure is what I seek.

Bid me farewell or join in to take a peek.

A land – ripe and rich, with abundance in beauty.

Is where the guard awaits, let’s hope he doesn’t neglect his duty.

Battles fought, war’s won

Scenes that will no doubt be passed on.

Sad to think that there will be more come.

But it’s like “they” say ‘dust to dust, ashes to ashes’ – in the end we all strike the same drum.


All Rights Reserved and Protected By (C) Miks Poems 2011

3 thoughts on “Strike The Drum

  1. Reese Smith says:

    i LOVE, love, LOVE this. i know the feeling of “Bid me farewell or join in to take a peek.”

    • Miki says:

      Thank you Reese! I had fun writing it. I like to leave the reader with a strong connection and happy you liked it, the way it was intended be!

  2. Jingle says:

    keep it up.


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