My Safe Space…


January 16, 2012 by Employee of the Fukin Month

Rays of light filter down through the tree branches,
Leaving pools of warmth scattered in patches.

The untouched reeds of grass stretch for the light,
Searching for it’s strength so they can live another night.

Time creeps slow here as the day yawns onward,
I’m content below this willow, its shadows blanket me as if they were standing guard.

A cool breeze begins to stir,
Causing my skin to prickle up in goosebumps, I shake it off with a burr.

The currents pick up and decide to dance along in the leaves,
They bounce and clap with the motion of the breeze.

Those that can’t hold on slowly drift down to the water,
Leaving ripples in there wake, creating a splatter.

My loose hair gets caught in the motion,
Giving me no other choice but to lasso it up, oh what a notion.

Determined to stay outside, I scoot farther back – burrowed into the tree.
With my back to it’s base I’m soothed once again knowing this is still a good place to be.

The breeze has gathered a lot of speed now,
It’s carrying a tune with it, a whistle and a howl.

I listen to it’s story with grace,
Knowing every lick it breathes is a sweet and sincere embrace.

The tree begins to sway back and forth,
My eyes wander up, north.

The rays of light are swimming along the ground now,
Providing quite a nice little show of sparkles that wow.

My eyes begin to wander again, ever searching across this great lake.
Absorbing each scene, soaking it up until I ache.

Will I return here again one day? I do not know…
I shall enjoy this moment, regardless if I must go.

A memory pops up of my last moment here,
It was so long ago, at least over ten years.

I vow to return to this place,
My solitude, my haven, my own safe space.


(c) Miks Poems

6 thoughts on “My Safe Space…

  1. Taylor says:

    what fun to see you in,

    great description on your safe place, well done.

  2. ~L says:

    It’s a beautiful safe place… eloquently described! Safety is necessity to keep going in life… we all need our safe place to go to when we need.



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